Star Wars: A New Sound

BV to RT - Encrypted Transmission #1

KK Still Active


BV here. I know you said to only use this holonet address in case of emergencies, but I felt it was important to give you a heads up. I was on the Smuggler’s Moon last week in the Corellian Sector. Some kriffs from KanjiKlub caught up to me, asking questions at a gig I was going to play. I was able to avoid them but it gave me a bad feeling. If they are all the way out here in Hutt Space, then they could be anywhere. In other words, you need to stay low.


Listen, I know you got something that they want, and I agree that I’m safer if I don’t know what that “something” is. But here’s the catch, I’m having a pretty long string of bad luck out here. As if KanjiKlub isn’t enough, we got the Imperials probably pissed at us, Trilock the Hutt is probably pissed at us, and maybe even the Rebel Alliance is pissed at us. If you get any idea as to how I can get these KanjiKlub monkeys off my back, feel free to let me know. I get the sense they’re not going to give up so easily.

You can leave me a message at this secured holonet address. I’ll check it every so often.

BV signing off, MTFBWY;)


badjak BenjaminHahn

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