Star Wars: A New Sound

Jas' Journal

An excerpt found from Jas Tuso's Hololog

What does it mean to be a Jedi? Besh said I was one, but what does that all mean? The only Jedis I have heard about are General Obi-Wan and Aayla Secura, but they are long gone from this galaxy of ours. My uncle once told me that they all perished. My experiences as of late challenge such an assertion.
After Teth, my mind started humming. I was feeling things: life, other people, great temples. I was having vivid dreams, I was acting rashly. Then, to find out I was being haunted by some sort of Jedi ghost who tried to rip apart the ship all for me!?! Things are getting crazy. I must confess, without Besh, I would not be here. He told me to relax and focus within. My instincts were telling me to fight and lash out despite the evidence that such actions were a detriment to the Fortune’s Favor.
As I calmed my mind, I felt something. Maybe the Force? I don’t know. But, I managed to calm away the ghost. Does that mean the ghost was a part of me or does it mean that acting calmly is the weapon of choice against ghost Jedis? As I meditated, I started being able to feel the ship; I could feel Besh and Neelo; I could feel their fear, their uncertainty. It was like feeling that family on the space station, but now I could tether that sense and hold on to it.
Who am I?
I am still Jas Tuso, future billionaire of Nar Shadaa. I am no Jedi, nor do I ever want such a moniker. The title of Jedi is reserved for those long extinct or for the trophies of bounty hunters. But, I can no longer hide that I am more than I was when I first joined Val. I have some sort of gift. Whether it helps or hinders by ascent to greatness, I’ll have to wait and see. For now, I must use my gifts to help right the wrongs I have caused on the entire band. I must help them regain the prestige of being the best damn Jizz Band in Hutt Space. We must make some coin!


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