Star Wars: A New Sound

The Twi'lek's Troubles

So. Wow. We get to this weird planet in the middle of the nebula, right? And there’s this giant gyroscopic floating thing orbiting the planet. The crew has told me that it’s some sort of death station or something. I guess it’s bad for hyperspace or something.
But, that’s not the truly crazy thing. Bib Fortuna, the main honcho for Jabba, offered me. ME. MEEE. A job. He wants me to report stuff from my band travels to him. Pretty sweet, right? Well, no.
The band has decided that Fortuna and Jabba must die for the plan to destroy the evil black hole sun thing floating in the sky to work properly. I mean, that makes sense, right? We don’t want to be hunted forever across the galaxy by Jabba. I’ve heard the rumors. I don’t need that.
So accounting; this is what I’m good at, right?

  1. Bad mojo floating thing is definitely bad. I agree with Val and everyone that it needs to be destroyed.
  2. Saving lives is important. I agree that we should save some of the slaves and everything.
  3. No Jabba and no Fortuna mean that we would live a longer life, and that’s always good.
  4. But, I also stand to lose a lot of standing that I have recently gained in the Hutt space.
  5. But, we were rocking on that televised concert and I bet we have actual band cred now. It might be nice to get this Hutt stuff behind us and actually make a name for ourselves without working for nasty crime bosses.
  6. But, I kind of like nasty crime bosses.
    So, I have no real plan. I guess I’ll go along with Val’s plan for now. I’d rather not be tossed into a star by Jabba for messing with his hellfire station.
    Damn, if he didn’t have to go and build some bad thing, I might have been in a great spot! Someone should teach Jabba the joys of gardening. I know Besh would help with the kettleweed.
    Okay, I can hear Shorty knocking at the latrine door. Probably wondering why I’m taking so long. I just needed to get my thoughts down and I hoped that maybe you would hear and lend me guidance from beyond. For what it’s worth Kip, I’m truly sorry that damn, dirty bounty hunter killed you while working his way to us. We avenged you, but that doesn’t help this message heading out to nowhere. Maybe there’s a datapad out past the next galaxy.


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