Bazero Krim (Hutt Enforcer)

Trilloc the Hutt's wartime majordomo


All right, all you goons listen good. Names Bazero and this place is officially closed for business on orders of Triloc the Hutt.

Bazero is Triloc the Hutt’s wartime majordomo. He is a gangster through and through, without any moral compunctions. He wears speak the most modern Nar Shutta styles including the half-cape and the Trilby hat, and always carries and automated blaster by his side.


Bazero came from up from the bottom to the top and left a lot of bodies behind him. He grew up in a child gang working the Ventworks before Triloc discovered him. For awhile he worked as one of Triloc’s assassins, his youth disguising his deadliness, but when Triloc discovered Bazero’s uncanny ability to discover his victim’s weak points, he took him on as his majordomo.

Now that Triloc has turned against his boss Gorga the Hutt and started a bloody Hutt gang war, Bazero is becoming a more and more important aspect of Triloc’s bloody operation.

Bazero Krim (Hutt Enforcer)

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