No one knows anything about, no one wants to know. Stay away!!!


Gank mercenary working for Triloc the Hutt. Likes to take heads.


Look I tried to find everything I could about this Gank. I was performing a deep scan on darknet looking for anything, and all I found was bad news. Villages wiped out. Crime lords terrified to even whisper its name. The Empire might have used him it for some double-deniability assassinations. That Naboo senator and his family. Pretty sure it was this Gank who did that one. Somehow, he got my ship I.D. He’s hunting me. Look. I don’t know how long I got left. He won’t stop. He’s going to find me just like found the hundreds of others. I’m dead. You need to run, because after he’s finishes with me, he’ll most likely come for you next.
Last message of a darkspace hacker.


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