Star Wars: A New Sound

Besh: The Next Three Years


Having been entrusted with the safety of the Huckleberry, Besh Viridux, made his way back to the Duros system, careful to cover his tracks. Things finally settled down enough so that he and R-7 could download and decode the secret thumb drive that Ricardo Tubbs left in that safety deposit box on Nar Shadda.

That is whole other story but it’s safe to say that Besh and his family are quite well off now and Besh’s nephew and niece are getting the education they desperately need. Besh started flying routine cargo runs out of Pezzarra Station and still gets the ol’ slitherhorn out for solo shows in whatever cantinas he finds himself in. His repertoire many consists of sappy romantic numbers that “spacers can make babies to”. In fact, his latest release, “Making Spacer Babies” is a top selling album in the colonies and mid-rim markets. It features excruciatingly long slitherhorn solos.

Besh still has run-ins with bounty hunters every now and then but those situations usually resolve themselves. Besh has started taking correspondence courses through Corellia University in an effort to finally get a degree and make his parents happy. He is majoring in History with an emphasis on Pre-Imperial Myth and Folklore.


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