Star Wars: A New Sound

Val Holiday: The Next Three Years

"I am the Lizard King."


Following the breakout success of the Carbonites’ first record, Chillin’, Val tells the band that they should lay low for a while to avoid the various reprisals of the Hutts, the Empire, and/or his father. As they go their separate ways on indefinite hiatus, he returns to Nar Shaddaa and reunites with his old friend Lib Fortuna, using his new wealth to help her start up another cantina, called of course The Huckleberry (he gives the ship to Besh).

Setting up a private studio suite in the back of the club, Val gradually descends into a reclusive, drug-addled existence of excess and bizarre musical experimentation, paying little attention as the galaxy whirls on outside. Lib watches with growing worry as he loses himself in endless psychedelic cacophonies, and wonders how to bring him out of this spiraling decline…


Perfect ending.

Val Holiday: The Next Three Years
badjak Landwaker

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