Gorga the Hutt

A weak and ineffectual Hutt


-1 brawn |+1 Presence


Nephew to Jabba, and a member of the Hutt Ruling Council, Gorga is a Hutt whose star appears to be fading. As the youngest member, his influence on the council is marginal. Rumors abound about how he is on the outs with his uncle, and the perception of weakness has lead to Triloc the Hutt, his one-time subordinate and general, to attempt a coup.

A Hutt clan war has begun and spread across most of Gorga’s plazas in Desilijic territory. Gorda has money, and connections, but Triloc controls an army of mercenaries and bounty hunters. The war has already turned bloody, fueled by a distant Jabba eager to test his nephews mettle or have him replaced.

Gorga the Hutt

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