Lib Fortuna

Short and spunky Twilek owner of "The Slippery Slope


Your life is wherever you want it to be, old friend, if you don’t like it, pick a star, and make it somewhere new.

No one on Nar Shadda knows where the diminutive Twilek bar owner Lib Fortuna came from, but ever since she arrived and bought The Slippery Slope, her bar has been nexus point for all of the smugglers and pilots not directly tied into the Gorga the Hutt’s operation.

Everyone knows that Lib Fortuna’s word is her bond, and she has become a maternal figure to all of the working girls that work the Cornelian sector, partly because everyone knows that anyone who roughs up Lib’s girls gets it far worse in the end.

It is not entirely clear why Gorga the Hutt allows Lib’s bar to operate in his plaza, but some sort of arrangement must have been made.


Lib Fortuna

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