Triloc the Hutt

Once she was the general of Gorga's private army, now she's out for his head


-1 presence | + 1 cunning



Triloc used to be the head general in Gorga’s private army of mercenaries and bounty hunters, but now she believes that Gorga has gone soft and has become unwilling to make the hard decisions necessary of a Hutt leader. Seeing a weakness in her boss, Triloc decides to strike, initiating a gang war that spreads across Nar Shadda and into Hutt space, taking thousands of innocent lives. Though Gorga has political connections, Triloc has the edge through the use of her own private paramilitary which she uses to leverage protection money in her war against Gorga.

The other Hutts of the council are waiting it out on the sideline, waiting to see who comes out on top. Triloc is vicious and Gorga is finding himself outmaneuvered and out gunned.

Triloc the Hutt

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